Tips For Having a GREAT Visit to OHL

PLANNING TO VISIT US? Check out these tips!

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  • LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING AND what you’re looking for! (It is best to do this 2-3 weeks in advance if you’re hoping to visit our barn/storage facility.) Doing this will help us:  
  1.  Recommend whether you should visit the store or the barn (appointment needed) or both! The store is our showroom and the barn is more of a warehouse where we keep larger and overstock items (for example, if you are looking for doors we keep most of them at the barn, as well as the majority of our lumber) Please note that we can only take cash for items purchased at the barn.     
  2. Do our best, whenever possible, to have what you are looking for in the store for your visit.
  3. Make sure we don’t miss you
  •  BRING MEASUREMENTS – if you are looking for a specific item that needs to fit into a specific place (or even just your vehicle for the drive home) please take careful measurements and bring them with you.


  •  CONSIDER TAKING ONE OF OUR WORKSHOPS – We are certified workshop teachers for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and FUSION™ Mineral Paint. Our workshops are super-fun and very informative. We’ll send you home with some fun projects, confidence in getting what you want out of the products, and great class notes so you can get the same great results at home! Check out our workshops here:


  • BE SURE TO GIVE YOURSELF EXTRA TIME – visiting OHL is pretty much a treasure hunt. You’ll want to have time to peek and poke around the store and/or barn. Items can be easily overlooked or missed so you won’ t want to feel rushed.


  • THE PEEPS BEHIND THE COUNTER – Steve and Rose love to hear about customers’ projects! Plus, we’re a super helpful and friendly lot, so please don’t be shy to chat with us!


  • COMING FROM A DISTANCE? – Why not plan to check out some other great businesses/shops in Downtown Truro? 

We recommend:

  • Novelteaour new fav! A used bookstore/coffee shop with incredible atmosphere, great staff, and very yummy eats and drinks! Just off Prince St.
  • Sala Thai – one of the yummiest Thai restaurants in the country! And just a hop and a skip from our shop. Their Red Curry does not disappoint!
  • Taco Stiles – only the yummiest food truck EVER! We don’t know how they do it but the quality of food and the mix of flavours, plus the great prices will keep you smilin’ ALL day!
  • The Nook and Cranny  – A brew pub! Highly recommended locally for yummi-licious food and a great atmosphere. Right across from Noveltea.
  • Pearl and Daisy Natural Soap Company made locally but sold all over North America! Stop in, even just to treat your nose! On Inglis St.
  • Babbling Brook sweet little spot with antiques and more in the “Ginger House” on Prince St. 
  • Victoria Park – Our historic and gorgeous park complete with walking trails, waterfalls, kids’ play equipment and more! A fabulous place to stretch your legs before you climb back in the car for the drive home. A short drive from our shop.