Making Barn Board More “Decor-Friendly”

by sradmin on September 10, 2014

Barn board, with its beautiful silvery-weathered look, has become quite popular as a material for decor projects in homes and businesses. Whether using it on an accent wall or as a shelf, it definitely adds an air of warmth, history, and strength. The problem is, it’s not always the easiest material to maintain.

It’s that beautiful silver-gray on the outside of the board that makes barn board what it is and it needs to be protected. The roughness of the boards is also part of its character and that makes the boards difficult to clean and means it’s easy to get slivers. We have people ask all the time about sanding down the boards or coating them will a poly top coat to make them more “usable” but doing this can make them lose all their character!

If you were to sand the boards to make them smooth they would lose their beautiful grey and just be a “regular” brown board. If you were to put a poly finish on them to protect them and make them easier to clean, they would most likely pick up the amber colour and again lose that silver (even a lot of clear coat products can turn yellow after exposure to sunlight)

But WAIT! Homestead House (a high-end Canadian paint company) has come out with a new product that we LOVE! It’s called Tough Coat.

tough-coat-clear-for-web[1]It’s a non-yellowing, matte finish, clear coat, and as soon as we got our hands on it we wanted to try it out on some barn board!

And guess what?! Tough Coat totally seals in the pretty-grey of barn board, makes getting a sliver no longer a problem, and protects the wood itself, as well as making it easier – so much easier – to clean! (And this stuff is even recommended for use on floors so you know it’s tough!)

Here’s a picture of barn board half with that fabulous Clear Tough Coat and half without…

barn boardrsAs you can see, the Tough Coat side is just slightly darker.

Here’s a closer view…

bbfusrsTough Coat is super-easy to use and just needs a simple soap and water clean-up!

And when they say non-yellowing, they mean non-yellowing…


There you have it! Now you can have beautiful barn board in your home and clean/dust/touch it too! :)

Want to see and feel this board in person? Pop into our shop!

And, of course, because we love Tough Coat (and Homestead House products) so much, it will be available at our store very soon!!

**UPDATE: Tough Coat is available at Onslow Historic Lumber NOW!**

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