How to Get Beautiful Lettering on Your Chalk Board

by sradmin on December 13, 2015

This is so easy to do all it requires is a quick little blog post! It’s how we made this gorgeous sign for our shop…


AND it’s how we created lots of other pretty signs you’ll recognize from the shop as well! Here’s how you do it:

1) Create your design on computer…

I love using Picmonkey for this! First off, it’s FREE (you can also pay to get their upgraded version and it’s totally cheap!) You can use available fonts and designs or even your own! Plus, you can totally use Picmonkey for a whole host of WONDERFUL things. When you get to the page, choose “Design”. Get on, experiment and create some awesome stuff!

Now, if you can print your design off on 1 piece of paper (i.e., 1 piece is big enough for your design) then do it up and go to Step #3. If not, see #2.  

2) Enlarge your design:

Need your design to be larger than 1 piece of paper?! Then head over to Blockposters (again FREE!) So that you can make a “poster-size” version of your design. You choose how many pages you want your design to span, then save it to your computer. Next, print it out and you’re ready to rock and roll! (You may need to tape your design together if there is cross-over on page breaks – have a look at your print-out to decide, but best to work in smaller sections if you can)

3) Go crazy with your chalk!

Ok, maybe not like, crazy, but take your chalk (in whichever colour you’d like) and rub it LOTS all over the back of your design (i.e., the back of the page) Then, using painter’s tape, tape down one side of the page (with proper placement) on your chalkboard.


4) Trace

 Now for the fun part! Grab a pencil to trace and colour-in any areas on the front of your page where there is (printer) ink. This will transfer the chalk from those spots onto your chalkboard AND since you only taped one side of your page you can lift up your page to check your progress without worrying about losing your exact positioning – so helpful!


5)  Leave as is or paint to make it permanent…

Once finished you can leave as is or, if you want to make it permanent, just paint right over the chalk designs. We highly recommend using FUSION™ Mineral Paint for this. It gives you highly pigmented colour and amazing coverage! Plus the consistency is just perfect for painting signs and the matte finish perfectly suits a painted chalkboard.

TIP: for painting really fine/thin lines or designs I dip the end of a wooden skewer in the paint and use it to “draw” the lines.

Remember you can always do part of your chalkboard permanent and leave the rest blank to change up your message!



 Don’t have a chalkboard yet?! Check out my previous blog post here (or pop into our shop to buy one we made) 😉


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